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"Heroes aren't defined by their powers or their costumes... But by the content of their hearts."

I blog mostly about comics, TV-shows, movies, food, random pictures, beautiful dresses and my adventurous college life. (Which is not that adventurous, if you ask me...)

# Everything MARVEL
# Teen Wolf
# Doctor Who
# The Hunger Games
# American Horror Story
# Supernatural
# The Walking Dead

Seriously, everything...
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BLACK WIDOW #8 NATHAN EDMONDSON (W) • PHIL NOTO (A/C)• On a snowy night in Prague, Natasha must fight her way out of disaster alongside the WINTER SOLDIER!• Meanwhile, Isaiah has business of his own in London, but a simple plan gets complicated.• Nathan Edmonson and Phil Noto continue their uninterrupted run on one of the most acclaimed books of the year.
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Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun for Los Angeles Magazine
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wyndua asked : Pssssst. Hello, beautiful person ❤ once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself, and then pass this on to your ten favourite followers (◕‿◕✿)

Um, okay. Hi!

Well, let’s see…

1. My all time favourite Disney movie is Lion King.

2. I used to have a bowl cut in first grade.

3. I have a Tiffany lamp.

4. I work at Tesco.

5. My room at the dorm is roommate-free this semester. (Hurray~)

I guess that’s it…

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Original Sin #1 Young variant
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This whole episode:


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babysitting..sort of