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"Heroes aren't defined by their powers or their costumes... But by the content of their hearts."

I blog mostly about comics, TV-shows, movies, food, random pictures, beautiful dresses and my adventurous college life. (Which is not that adventurous, if you ask me...)

# Everything MARVEL
# Teen Wolf
# Doctor Who
# The Hunger Games
# American Horror Story
# Supernatural
# The Walking Dead
# Orphan Black
Seriously, everything...
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janet van pissed off where’s her movie assholes

omgosh she’s so cute i just pressed my hands to my cheeks and went *eeeeeeeee* noooo how can they kill her in the MCU seriously i’m so sad she’s SO CUTE LOOK AT HER
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dystopian novel: female protagonist w weird name and inability to healthily express emotions. love triangle. at least one tragic death

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if you kill of Jan in mcu Jan will come back to kill off you
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cap 3 spoilers 

#i like long walks on the beach and telling my friends that steve rogers will die sometime in the next two movies
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look i’m sometimes a good person, i think i deserve the age of ultron footage